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Transcriptomics & Proteomics

🌟It can simultaneously detect the expression of RNA and Protein in a single cell in the same sample, and retain tissue morphological information.
🌟Overcoming the problems of low sensitivity and low specificity of traditional ISH, RNAscope has the advantages of high sensitivity, high specificity, time-saving and easy operation, allowing RNAscope ISH-IHC to get better results
🌟 can be applied to: Immuno-oncology, Neurobiology , Cell, Gene Therapy & IHC Validation

Three precautions before implementing Dual ISH-IHC/IF

⭐Confirm that RNAscope ISH can get good results⭐Confirm
that antibodies can get good results in IHC /
IF⭐ Since the pre-processing of RNAscope will use Protease, it is recommended to use Protease for pre-processing before testing IHC/IF experiments to confirm antibodies and proteins The binding position will not be affected, the IHC/IF signal has not weakened, and the background value has not increased (as shown below).

RNAscope Duplex + IHC
RNAscope VS Duplex combined with IHC to detect the expression of immune cells chemokines and cytokines in human lung tumors(A) Detect the RNA of IL-12 and CXCL9 and the macrophage Marker CD68 protein
(B) Detect the RNA of TGFB and FOXP3 and the T cell Marker CD4 protein.

RNAscope HIplex + IHC

Dual ISH-IHC / IF can detect different neuronal subtypes and detect the expression of circRNA splice variants in specific cells.

RNAscope HiPlex can detect up to 12 target RNAs; the figure simultaneously detects the performance of Drd1 + and Drd2 + striatal neuron subtypes, neuron Marker NeuN protein (white) and circRNA splice variants.



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